How to order

Step 1

Pull out your child’s art collection and select your favorite pieces. If you need help, we can curate the most captivating pieces from your collection. Simply contact us to make an appointment for an in-home art consultation.

Step 2

Using the selected piece(s) of your child’s art work we create a Naif original and send you a digital proof for your approval.

Step 3

Once approved, we print, frame (if you’ve ordered a custom Naif frame) and deliver to your door. Your child’s masterpiece is ready to show the world.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why not just frame the original?
    2. How do I choose my child’s artwork?
    3. Are there any specifications for the artwork?
    4. Do you make retouches to the artwork?
    5. Can I upload my artwork?
    6. Do I get a proof of my product and what if I don’t like it?
    7. What about colors?
    8. Can you make Greeting Cards with my child’s artwork?
    9. Can I order a specific type of art print?
    10. What is a Photo Collage?
    11. When do I pay?
    12. How much is shipping?
    13. Will you return my original artwork?
    14. How long will it take to receive my order?

    1. Why not just frame the original?

    In most cases, the paper and medium used in children’s art will fade away and eventually disintegrate over time. We work with a community of artists that work by hand to preserve the integrity of your child’s artwork. We then print and frame using the highest quality archival materials available. Our craft also allows you to adjust the scale and appreciate the details of the art that get lost in its original size. An 8×10 drawing can become a visually arresting 40×50 work of art.  Or better yet, a wall mural that will be enjoyed for many years.

    2. How do I choose my child’s artwork?

    We prefer to choose the artwork and will happily curate the body of your child’s work.  If you have a piece of art that is meaningful to you and/or your child, we are happy to work with it.  You can call us or send us a photo for a free consultation.

    3. Are there any specifications for the artwork?

    Naïf accepts any works of art in any condition. Even three dimensional works of art can be utilized. For example, sculpture made of paper maché, clay or even Lego, can be professionally photographed and makes a stunning piece of contemporary art.  We have successfully worked with art drawn on a napkin. 

    4. Do you retouch?

    Yes, we will clean up the background, fix smudges, and enhance colors.

    5. How do I get my child’s artwork to you?

    We know how busy you are so we’ve made it as easy and pain free as possible. You can arrange for us to curate your child’s collection of artwork in person or you can simply email us a high-resolution digital image by scanning the artwork at 300 dpi resolution and saving on a .tiff or .jpeg format to ensure good quality. Hold on to your original, we might need to rescan it depending on your desired size of the finished piece of art.

    6. Do I get a proof of the finished work of art? What if I don’t like the digital proof?

    Yes, after we complete artwork, we will send you a digital proof via e-mail for your approval. If you don’t like the digital proof, please let us know the reason and we will happily make any necessary changes to your piece.

    7. What about colors?

    Your final product colors will be very similar to the original artwork but please keep into consideration that they could be slightly different from the colors you see on your computer monitor.

    8. Do you make Greeting Cards?

    Yes, you would need to provide us with a simple drawing (such as a Christmas tree or menorah) or written message from your child (such as Happy Holidays or Thank You) and we will provide you with a one-of-a-kind set of custom made cards using your child’s art work.

    9. Can I order a specific type of art print?

    You can but we recommend that the work of art chosen determine the type of treatment that will most compliment the work. For example, figurative drawings make beautiful screen prints while abstract paintings are often highlighted by an enlarged Giclée print.

    10. What is a Collage?

    We do several types of Collages.  A regular Collage is a painting or drawing layered with another piece of art work.  A Photo Collage is a photograph layered with one of your child’s drawings or paintings.   If you provide us with a high resolution photograph, we will curate your child’s portfolio for a complimentary artwork that will enhance both.

    11. When do I pay?

    50% is due upon ordering and the remaining 50% is due on completion.

    12. How much is shipping?

    Shipping varies depending on the size of the artwork. We can provide you with a quote for shipping.

    13. Will you return my original artwork?

    Yes, original artworks are handled with care and returned to you along with the finished Naif original.

    14. How long will it take to receive my order?

    Please allow two weeks to receive a digital proof. After that, please allow 4-6 weeks for the finished product.