Map of my mind  (2012), Leo (Age 5)  Collage of painting and drawing

 Map of my mind (2012), Leo (Age 5)

Collage of painting and drawing

Striking abstract paintings.  Simple figurative drawings.  Family portraits.  Self portraits.

Extraordinary potential lies within each.  We are inspired by the vivacious expression, the imaginative powers and the contemporary beauty of children’s artwork.  

 Naïf aims to liberate children’s artwork from the refrigerator door by producing archival works of contemporary art that will be enjoyed for generations. We provide an unparalleled opportunity for collectors and parents to build collections of children’s artwork that magnify, preserve and document their beauty.

While parents privately admire their children’s artwork, history confirms that their appreciation is shared by those with an exalted artistic eye. Matisse. Kandinsky. Picasso. Rothko. Basquiat. Jasper Johns. The most influential artists have long collected and displayed children’s artwork, used it for inspiration and incorporated it directly into their own works. (Click on the artists name to learn more.)

Museums, Galleries & Institutions

Throughout history, museums, galleries and institutions have recognized children’s art through temporary and permanent exhibitions. From the Guggenheim’s annual A Year with Children exhibit to The International Museum of Children’s Art in Norway, art institutions have highlighted the unique perspective of children’s art. We encourage museums, galleries and educational or art institutions to contact us so that we can explore the viability of utilizing Naif’s permanent collection.